Summit Agenda


Virtual Summit

Summit Agenda

Time Zone: EDT

1:00PM – 1:15PM

Welcome Remarks

Ed Adams – President & Chief Executive Officer Security Innovation

1:15PM – 1:50PM

Opening Keynote: Zero Trust Success – It will take a village

As targeted cybersecurity attacks continue to rise, Zero Trust is increasingly viewed as the foundation to security strategy.  Join industry and government panelists as they explore where Zero Trust is headed.  Gain insights on how to navigate the long journey to deploy Zero Trust strategies that improve outcomes. Panelists will discuss how Zero Trust will impact issues spanning critical infrastructure, endpoint, cloud, and the hybrid workforce. Listen in as our panelists:

  • Discuss current state, future trends, and the need for community
  • Summarize the federal government’s roadmap and agencies’ next steps
  • Prioritize the pillars of Zero Trust architecture
  • Debate how to best start and balance product, architecture, and methodology

Panelists – Edna Conway | Matthew Rosenquist | James Hayes

Moderated by Ed Adams

1:50PM – 2:00PM

Q & A

2:00PM – 3:00PM

Exploring First Steps in the ZT Journey

Join us for an interactive conversation with Zero Trust (ZT) experts as we discuss approaches and best practices for getting started with ZT. This session will help you gain insights for deploying ZT across public and private sectors without focusing on any specific vendor or technology.

The first half of the session will discuss whether a single vendor can provide everything necessary to deliver an end-to-end zero trust architecture. The session will explore the balance required across people, processes, and technology to overcome the lack of a single vendor being able to provide a holistic end-to-end solution, re-enforcing the need for the community and continued exploration/education on both the framework of ZT and evolving solutions on this journey.

The second half will explore the foundational start of a Zero Trust journey predicated on a robust identity and access framework for both users and devices, focused on not only being able to enumerate/discover but also to strongly identify these users and devices regardless of their location, then adding the process and governance required to maintain them over time, while focused on principle of least privilege for both.

Speakers: Anusha Iyer | Jason Mafera | Rick Conklin

3:00PM – 3:15PM


3:15PM – 4:00PM

Closing Keynote: The Path to Zero Trust Success

In our closing keynote, panelists will explore methods to tackle Zero Trust project complexity. The discussion goes beyond the technology and explores how to build programs around Zero Trust initiatives that make them manageable and sustainable.  While Zero Trust information is everywhere, there remains a lack of a single source of truth. Our panelist will explore the need for a peer-to-peer community that drives knowledge transfer and community-based discussion. This session will kick-off the dialog that continues throughout 2023:

  • Navigating the complexity of Zero Trust
  • Identifying gaps in your architecture and building a full solution wheel
  • Balancing people, process, and technology
  • Learning from Zero Trust early adopters – Lessons from highly regulated industry-specific adoption
  • Need for community – It’s all about the people who design, deliver, and use Zero Trust enabled systems

Panelists – Uma Chandrashekhar | Raj Badhwar | Martin Glowick
Moderated by Ed Adams

4:00PM – 4:15PM

Closing Q & A – The Experts Weigh In


Unboxing the Pillars – Begin With What’s Real.

Dr. Zero Trust unboxes contenders in each pillar. Product Managers demonstrate GA products with reactions from users all moderated by Dr. Zero Trust.

  • Pre-recorded demos of vendor solutions focused on ZT
  • Vendor Mini pitch – show and tell (time boxed to 5 minutes)

Speaker: Dr. Chase Cunningham


Healthcare Case-Study
Zero Trust – A CIO Perspective on the Need,
Value and Path to Success in Healthcare

Speaker: Aaron Miri joined Baptist Health as the Senior Vice President and Chief Digital and Information Officer in 2021. In this position, he is responsible for creating the future of Baptist Health from an information technology perspective, with an emphasis on digital strategy, innovation, cybersecurity, and integration of technology across the enterprise.

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